July 24, 2024

It’s Spooky Season! Pokemon GO released their first teaser image this morning on Twitter which appears to be Galaraian Slowking. 

This Poison/Psychic Pokemon has yet to make its Pokemon GO debut, as we have only seen Galarian Slowpoke and Galarian Slowbro in-game so far. This gives us a chance to potentially see the first time Galaraian Slowking make its way into the world. 

The look of this Pokemon is super awesome, because Shellder completely covers the head of Slowking, much like a mask type appearance – perfect for Halloween!

This leads to other questions on what we’ll see for Halloween, on what could be an entire Slowking themed event, or something even cooler, like a Poison theme or similar. 

What are your thoughts on what we might see coming up in-game? Leave a comment below!

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    Excited for the new slow king!

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