February 2, 2024

Altered Forme Giratina comes to Tier 5 raids from October 12 at 10am local time until October 22 at 10am local time! This Pokemon comes with a chance for a shiny!

On top of this, Giratina will be featured in two different raid hours:

  • Wednesday, October 13 – 6pm to 7pm local time
  • Wednesday, October 20 – 6pm to 7pm local time

Giratina Altered forme – A Background

Originally from the Pokemon World, Giratina is a legendary Pokemon who was banished to another dimension known as the Distortion World because of its violent nature. Giratina can still cross dimensions at will, but the gravity of the real world forces it to take on its Altered Forme. Sometimes seen in cemeteries, Giratina is fiercely defensive of the Distortion World and will battle any Pokemon or person across dimensions should they bring harm to its home. In Pokemon Go, Altered Forme Giratina is slightly weaker than its Origin Forme. Its attack stat is lower and its moves are typically disappointing. Both forms of Giratina use the same Candy which gives a desire to raid more of these Pokemon.


The image above goes into detail about the best counters for each category that you could use for Giratina – we’re going to also take a look at the best of the best from within these categories to ensure a successful raid.

1. Mega Gengar

Mega Gengar should be your first choice for countering Giratina. This Pokemon will take increased damage from Giratina’s Ghost moves, however the Mega Boost it provides to other Ghost types on the field will make it worth using. Make sure your Mega Gengar knows Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball.

2. Mega Houndoom

Although not as powerful as its counterpart, Mega Gengar, Mega Houndoom is a great choice for countering Giratina. A Dark and Fire-type Pokemon, it takes increased damage from Giratina’s Rock-type attacks but resists Ghost-type damage. Ensure your Mega Houndoom knows Snarl and Foul play to get the most out of using this Mega Pokemon.

3. Rayquaza

Recently in raids, Rayquaza is a great choice to use against Giratina. As a Dragon and Flying-type Pokemon, both Dragon and Rock-type moves will deal super effective damage, but the total damage output of this Pokemon will make up for this. Dragon tail and Outrage are your best movesets for these raids.

4. Salamence

Harder to find, Salamence is an excellent counter against Giratina. This pokemon is weak to Dragon and Rock-type moves, but will be able to deal super-effective damage to Giratina by using Dragon Tail and Outrage. Many active trainers should have multiple of these at their disposal.

5. Palkia

Most recently hosted in Raids, Palkia is a great addition as a counter to Giratina. Palkia is a Water and Dragon-type Pokemon. It will still be vulnerable to super-effective damage from Giratina’s Dragon-type moves, but will only take normal damage from other moves. The ideal moveset for this Pokemon is Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor.

Final Notes

It should be fairly easy to take on Giratina in a party of 6 on our Discord Server. You should take note that certain weather conditions will make this raid harder. Wind will boost Giratina’s Dragon-type moves, but will also boost Dragon-type counters. Although rare, Fog will boost Ghost type moves. Partly Cloudy weather will boost Rock-type moves.

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