July 24, 2024

Shinx Community Day seemed to be a hit for our users on Discord this month. We opened up our Pokemon Show Off channel to all users to show off their best catches of the day. Here’s some of our favorites!


SandmanSoggs started out our show off by posting their evolved Shinx – a very high CP evolve, just shy of a hundo!


Almost immediately after, dslu posted their nundo Luxray – a rare find!


Verified host, itamarS found their way into an encounter with not only a shiny Shinx, but also a hundo – the server’s first Shundo of the day!


Verified host, Pyrat1C showed off their RNG luck by having 3 shiny Shinx in a row (with one chingling caught inbetween)


.louis decided to one up the game of luck by showing off their 36 different shiny Shinx caught throughout the day. 


LoganJenni barely missed their chance at a Low CP Shundo during their community day!

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