May 18, 2024

Please find important FAQs regarding Patreon changes below:

But I’m already pledged on Patreon?

    If you are already pledged on Patreon, you will be transferred to the second tier (Legendary Supporter). You can continue to pledge on Patreon for as long as you would like to. The only thing to note is that once you remove your pledge, you will be unable to pledge again.

I already purchased an annual pledge on Patreon

    If you already pledged annually on Patreon, you will be transferred to the second tier (Legendary Supporter) for the entire year.

How do I transfer from Patreon to Discord

    You probably don’t want to do this. The $3 a month tier on Patreon is the same as the $5 a month tier on Discord. If you still want to, all you do is click on your profile on the top right within Patreon and select “manage memberships”. Find POGO Raiders and select “edit”, then select “cancel membership”. Now, go on our Discord and scroll to the top of the channels and select “Premium Memberships”. From there, you can sign up again!

If you have any questions, ask Ben Noble#0999 on Discord via DMs.

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    So did verified hosts lose their hosting cooldown immunity and have to pay for it now

      Verified hosts should still be able to host, there is a slow mode on the channels for all users.

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