February 2, 2024

Hey Fellow Trainers,

The upcoming changes to remote raids will hurt our community, and most likely reduce our ability to coordinate global raids, draw support for PvP tournaments, and keep members engaged in the game. And not only does the change impact us as a remote raiding server, but it also affects others for the following reasons:

-Rural communities already lack pokestops, spawns, and gyms. And even urban areas can lack a local community. Limiting remote raids hurts players who already don’t have in person communities the most, and creates more marginalization for players who don’t live in the densest of cities.

-If you have a mobility disability, or it is not safe to go out in person where you live, remote raids allow you to participate in the game.

-Work schedules can make people unable to play while in person raids are active. Remote raids allow them to play when they have time.

-This change has been announced without listening to the feedback of community leaders, as was committed to in 2021. This is a huge change that should require months of advance notice to help players focus on building up local communities.

-Giving a single week of heads up is disrespectful towards players who choose to buy coins with the expectation that their purchase will be able to be used in the future.

-The introduction of remote raids helped develop global communities, chats, and groups. An abrupt change to the existing system will damage them. These groups have connected people across the world, and have been the reason for many people to continue playing.

-Local communities will have very little time to transition. Niantic has a tool, Campfire, but it is still in beta. Limiting remote raids without even fully releasing Campfire will most likely cause casual players to just stop raiding.

-Existing players who started after remote raids have been introduced may have never done in person raids. Without time to transition, they may just choose to stop playing.

-With Classic Cups being removed, anyone interested in participating in PvP that requires L50 legendaries will be at a disadvantage to existing players, as the cost to max out Pokémon is much higher in terms of time, coins, and convenience.

These reasons are not exhaustive, but should be a starting point if you can relate to any of them. Feel free to discuss in our discord server at discord.gg/POGORaiders.

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