June 25, 2024

As February fast approaches, Niantic has released the breakdown of new 5-star and Mega Raids for the month. As usual, we’re seeing repeats of previous raids, with some new shiny availability. Let’s dive right in!

Tier-5 Raids


We all saw this coming. With Regice being featured in current T5 raids, it was only a matter of time before we see the rest of the trio.

Regirock, with Shiny Availability, will be in raids from Tuesday, February 1 at 10am local to Wednesday, February 9. 

Regirock caught during this timeline will know the attack Earthquake.


To complete the trio, Registeel, knowing the attack Zap Cannon, will appear in raids from Wednesday, February 9th, at 10am local to Wednesday, February 16th. 

Registeel will have a Shiny available.

Normal Forme Deoxys

We saw Deoxys in raids in 2021, and all four Formes are returning this month, with shiny catches available. 

Normal Forme Deoxys will appear from Wednesday, February 16 at 10am local, to Saturday, February 19. 

Attack Forme Deoxys

Attack Forme Deoxys, with a shiny availability, will appear in raids from Saturday, February 19 at 10am local, to Tuesday, February 22.

Defense Forme Deoxys

Defense Forme Deoxys, with a shiny available, will appear in raids from Tuesday, February 22 at 10am local, to Friday, February 25. 

Speed Forme Deoxys

Speed Forme Deoxys will appear in raids from Friday, February 25 at 10am local, to March 1. There is a shiny available. 

Special Raid Day: Saturday, February 26

From 9am local to 930pm local, The following Pokemon will be appearing in Tier 5 raids: Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-Oh. All five have a shiny available.

Note, during this timeframe, Deoxys will not be appearing in raids.

Mega Raids

We’re seeing more repeats for Mega Raids this month.

Mega Houndoom

With a shiny available, Mega Houndoom will be seen in Mega Raids from: Tuesday, February 1 at 10am local to Tuesday, February 15 at 10 am local. 

Mega Ampharos

Mega Ampharos has been out of Mega Raids for a little while, but is making its return with a shiny available from Tuesday, February 15 at 10am Local to Tuesday, March 1 at 10am local. 

Raid Hours

Raid hours for the month are as follows:

February 2: Regirock

February 9: Registeel

February 16: Normal Forme Deoxys

February 23: Defense Forme Deoxys

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