June 25, 2024

Note: Kyurem returns to Raids – Raid Guide was written and submitted by Lead Moderator, Polarisana.


The third and final part of the Tao Trio, Kyurem will return to raid battles on December 16th, 10 AM local time. While the legends of Reshiram and Zekrom speak of them being born from the single dragon that created Unova and gradually came to represent Truth and Ideals, Kyurem is another story – or stories – altogether.

It is said to have descended to the world in an icy meteor and crashed into the Giant Chasm. Or – perhaps – the giant meteor was a Dragon Stone, which revived Kyurem from slumber? Or maybe – when Reshiram and Zekrom were created from the single dragon – Kyurem was formed with the leftovers? Whatever the truth, Kyurem is holding out for a hero to fill in the missing parts of its body with truth or ideals – are you that hero?


Kyurem – with its shiny form – will be available in raid battles from December 16th 10 AM local time through December 31st 10 AM local time.


Kyurem Counters Infographic
Created by PGR Admin, Raz.

Kyurem is weak to dragon, fairy, fighting, rock, and steel attacks. The chart above has a variety of options to choose from; let’s dive into a few below.


The standby, Old Reliable, the silver bullet. Metagross resists Dragon and Ice-type moves, and deals super effective damage against Kyurem due to the dragon’s Ice typing. Beldum has been available in several events, spotlight hours, and other events. You want Bullet Punch and exclusive move Meteor Mash to hammer away at Kyurem. If your Metagross is a Shadow Pokémon with these moves, then you’ve got the #1 Kyurem counter.


Mega Charizard

We’ve had more Charmander events than you can shake a stick at, and as an added bonus it will feature in the upcoming Community Weekend with the exclusive fast move Dragon Breath available if you evolve during the event period. Dragon Breath is what you want; with added Dragon Claw as a charged move, you can Mega Evolve the Flame Pokémon to deal devastating dragon damage to Kyurem.


Coming off of an egg hatching bonanza, Riolu has been more common of late. If you have a Lucario waiting in the wings, you’re in great shape. Slap Counter and Aura Sphere on that bad boy and let it rip in the ring. Kyurem’s ice typing leaves it vulnerable to fighting-type moves. Machamp is also an option, but it ranks lower on the tier list – so if you have an Aura Pokémon, get it ready to rumble.

Shadow Machamp

While regular Machamp is #32 on the counters list (which is nothing to sneeze at – don’t be afraid to use ‘em if you got ‘em!), Shadow Machamp is the sixth best counter to bring against Kyurem. With Counter and Dynamic Punch offering a ridiculously high damage output, Shadow Machamp can land some heavy punches before it retires.

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